The Process

1) Place Your Order
When I receive your order, I will send you a Soul Catcher™ collection package in the mail within 1 week. You will be responsible for paying shipping cost to return the collection kit via USPS Priority Mail Express marked Cremated Remains.

2) Complete the Collection Package

Collection Package

The collection package contains a reclosable plastic bag, screw-top collection container for the cremains and a piece of fiber kiln paper for writing your message on.

  • Fill the screw-top plastic collection container ½ full with cremains (approximately 1 teaspoon or less is sufficient).
  • Securely tighten the lid back on the screw-top plastic collection container.
  • Wrap collection container tightly in the provided bubble wrap.
  • Write a personalized message* on provided kiln paper
  • Place closed collection container wrapped in bubble wrap and your message back in the reclosable bag and close securely.

3) Ship Collection Package back to Soul Catcher™
Ship the complete package Cremated Remains Priority Mail Express mail from your post office. Cremains can only be mailed through the USPS Priority Mail Express with special handling, tracking and signatures. Customers are responsible for shipping cost of sending collection package to us. Within 3-4 weeks of receiving your collection package, we will ship you your Soul Catcher™.

4) What’s “The Message”?

Personalized Message Written on Kiln Paper with Glass Crypt Holding Cremains

The Message, written on kiln paper, provides you an opportunity to write a personalized message to your loved one. The kiln paper serves a purpose in the glassmaking process, and in the healing process. As the kiln paper goes through the Soul Catcher™ creation process, it will disappear in with the ashes of your loved one, and the spirit of the message will live on in your beautiful Soul Catcher memorial.

5) How do you create a Soul Catcher™?
After receiving your collection kit, we will construct the glass Soul Catcher™ encasing the ash of your loved one using pieces of glass in the colors of your choice. Before firing the glass in the kiln, if you like, I will send you a photo of the Soul Catcher™ with your message.

6) How Long Does It Take?
3-4 weeks after we receive your collection kit, we will ship you your finished Soul Catcher™.

Soul Catchers
Soul Catcher - Red/Orange/Yellow